Thank you for keeping the roads safe this fall

Sometimes we all get in a hurry, especially before a rain. But let’s be sure to keep everybody safe this harvest season.

See that slow moving combine (or a baler in my case today)?

We don’t like driving it on the road any more than you like following it.

But it’s necessary.

The land we farm is not in one giant piece.

Instead, it’s like a quilt – there are squares and rectangles in different locations that make up our livelihood.

We only transition when we need to. Fuel is expensive, and this isn’t a quick job, you know?

See that pickup truck behind the combine? A lot of times it may be pulling a 30 foot corn head or platform.  Taking careful turns and watching for mailboxes. The kids might be in the backseat. Farming is a family affair.

I appreciate the ones who keep everyone on the road safe. Who keep calm and know harvest is only a season.

I’ll give them a wave as a thank you. I’m turning onto a different road soon and they can be on their way.

Thank you to those of you working together with us to keep the roads safe this fall.

We see you, and we appreciate you!