Rep. Bunting’s Springfield News Update for July 14

In this issue:

  • Budget numbers for final month of the fiscal year
  • School supply drive
  • Traveling office hours in Coal City
  • Illinois headlines

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Final FY23 budget figures show wind-down of COVID spending

Illinois has added billions in spending to its state budget over the past few years, due in part to a large influx of federal COVID relief money which has now run out. Illinois was also collecting more in sales taxes because of the historic rise in inflation. Because of all this extra revenue, Illinois actually ran a budget surplus in Fiscal Year 2022, the first time that had happened in a many years.

But all that spending cannot be sustained, especially with the federal revenue stream drying up.

The latest monthly report from the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA) shows that state receipts in the final months of FY 2023 fell short of what they were a year ago. In all, the state took in $53.1 billion in the last fiscal year, almost all of it coming from one-time transfers of funds.

CGFA warns in its report that this upward spike in money for the state should be attributed to federal sources and is NOT a sustainable state cash flow of spendable money. As we reached the end of the fiscal year on June 30, state tax revenues were actually falling. This is yet another warning that we have to get our spending under control, and another reason why I oppose the big-spending state budget which passed in May.

School supply drive at my district offices

The kids won’t like to hear it, but it’s true: the first day of school is just around the corner.

For many local families this is the time to do their back-to-school shopping. But for some students in our area it is difficult to obtain the school supplies they need in order to start the year.

That’s why I am hosting a school supply drive at each of my district offices in Dwight and Watseka. Please consider donating any item(s) you might be able to. This would include everything from large items like backpacks and lunch boxes to smaller essentials like pencils, kid-safe scissors, notebooks, or any other school supply that might help a local child prepare for the first day of the new school year.

Traveling office hours coming to Coal City

We had an awesome turnout for our Traveling Office Hours this week in Paxton and Piper City! Many great conversations with our constituents.  If you’re ever in Paxton, be sure to check out Kino’s Coffee! Also thank you to Mayor Jeff Orr for the use of Village Hall in Piper City!

I will be hosting another traveling office hours meeting in Coal City on Tuesday July 25.

If you are in the area, please stop by the Coal City Village Hall, located at 515 S. Broadway Street, between 9 a.m. and noon. You can share your thoughts on the General Assembly’s spring session, ask a question or just get an update on state government news.

I hope to see you there!

Our current bill backlog

When a vendor provides the state with goods and services, they submit the bill to the Illinois Comptroller for payment. The Comptroller processes the paperwork and pays the bill when funds are available in the state’s checking account. Currently the total amount of unpaid bills is $767,550,186. This figure changes daily. Last year at this time the state had $2.2 billion in bills awaiting payment. This only includes bills submitted to the Comptroller for payment, not unfunded debts like the state’s pension liability, which is well over $100 billion.

Illinois headlines

USDA disaster declaration includes La Salle County

Illinois has seen the most tornadoes in the United States so far this year

Next week is the Iroquois County Fair

The Livingston County Fair starts on Wednesday

Which Illinois baseball players were picked in the MLB draft?